1823 Inc

Our English-style Pale Ale is named after the year Monroe, CT was incorporated and is made with ingredients that were available in 1823.  There were only four types of grain and a few select hops that brewers could use back then.  1823 Inc. is light amber in color, has an inviting toasty, bready nose, with nice mouth feel and traces of English hops and is 4.6% abv.  1823 Inc. is a delicious, easy drinking session beer that is packed with flavor.

29 Pews IPA

29 Pews is an American IPA that is named after the 29 re-purposed church pews with which we paneled our tasting room walls.  This  is a 6.0% abv., Citra based beer combined with four additional brewery hop favorites resulting in a full flavored, very drinkable IPA.

Andromeda American IPA

We use Galaxy hops from Australia in this IPA.  These hops are sold out for ordering through 2022 and it is hard to procure even a small amount on the spot market.

Black Velvet

Black Velvet Russian Imperial Stout lives up to its name.  It is smooth and silky with a roasted grain aroma that invites you to your first delicious sip.  The abv is 8.6% but is deceptively drinkable.  We put this beer into our different bourbon barrels for our barrel series.  Black Velvet is also the base for our Extremely Naughty Coffee drink.


Bloobs is a traditional American wheat ale, combined with a special blueberry puree and local blueberries. The result is a slightly tart, light bodied beer with a wonderful, subtle blueberry flavor and an aroma to match.  This is still a beer first however with malt backbone and comes in at 5.5% to 7.2% abv.

Grady’s Better Bitter

This English Style Pale Ale which is named after our beloved Golden Retriever Grady is a refreshing, flavorful beer to drink in the summer since it is low in alcohol coming in at 3.5% to 3.9% abv.  This is a true session beer with a nice caramel and hop aroma, a complex flavor and pleasant malt and hop aftertaste.  Grady’s Better Bitter is a great lawn mower beer or perfect to enjoy at a baseball game.

Freddie American Stout

Our Robust American Stout, Freddie, is named after Freddie Spisto who was a home brew and wine making customer for many years and one of our biggest fans and supporters of us.  He was like family and when he left this earth to drink beer and wine, dance and sing in his next life we thought it only fitting we name a beer after him.  Our 6% abv stout emulates Fred, bold and complex yet very well balanced, all of Freddie’s wonderful qualities.  This is one of our stouts that we use in our Naughty Coffee beer drinks.

Golden Summer

This Belgian Single style Pale Ale is light bodied, fruity in aroma and flavor and is a great summer beer.  We used a subtle Belgian yeast strain to make this a beer that anyone can drink.  It was our biggest selling beer in the summer of 2016.

Hoppy Ending

We brewed this IPA with Mark Tambascio from My Place Restaurant.  It is a hoppy American IPA with Cascade, Falconer’s Flight, Citra and Mosaic hops and had a nice spicy flavor and finish.  This IPA is 6.9% abv but is still easy to drink.

Jack’d up Pumpkin Ale

Ready for Mid September, we use an English Ale as the base for this American style beer.  Spices are added in the boil to this 8.4% beer to create a bright lightly spiced Harvest Ale.

Johnny the Destroyer Session IPA

Since we opened our brewery in June we wanted to brew a light bodied, low alcohol beer for our anniversary and we settled on a session IPA.  Since we are trying to make all our IPAs different we let Cascade and Mosaic be the stars of this beer.  It is 4.6% and when one of our friends John drank this beer he sat back on a table and the top broke away from the base as he was saying how much he loved it so we named the beer for him.

Lucy’s Last Call

Our Belgian Style Strong Golden Ale is  named after our golden retriever Lucy, who passed away in November 2015.  We would let Lucy say good night to customers during the last call in the brewery tasting room and we named this beer, 9.3% abv after our strong, brave, loving Golden.  We use a Belgian Abbey Ale yeast, candi sugar and spices when we brew Lucy’s Last Call.

Oddly Satisfying IPA

Oddly Satisfying is our summer IPA.  It is lighter in body than our 29 Pews and features the bright American hops Simcoe and Mosaic.  It is golden in color with aroma and flavors of citrus and pine and is 5.7% abv.  Our employee Jay named this beer.  He took the first sip of this beer, paused, looked up and said, “This is oddly satisfying!”

Owd Boreus

Owd Boreus Imperial Red is influenced by the rye and crystal grains in the grain bill.  It is named after the big red rooster, who was the familiar of a local witch, Hanna (Cranna) Hovey who lived in Monroe in the 1800s.  The spicy rye combines with the hops to create an incredible mouth feel.  The beer is red/amber in color, has an aroma of hops and rye, and a well balanced flavor with malt and hops playing well together. Our imperial red is 8.9 to 9.2 % abv.

Pedestrian Pale Ale

Pedestrian Pale Ale is an American style Pale Ale brewed with eight grains, five hops and an American Ale Yeast.  Light amber in color it invites you in with  a citrus hops aroma followed by a malty flavor balanced with hops. It is 5.3% abv.  This beer was named by brewer/owner Mark.  He wanted a beer that everyone would love to drink and would appeal to all of the pedestrians in the world!

Winter Pigtail Porter

This is the first beer that we brewed on our commercial brewing system and we named it Piglet Porter which is our summer version of this porter.  Our winter version of this beer, Winter Pigtail Porter is a robust style porter with a deep tan head and is black in color.  The aroma entices you with complex roasted grains and a hint of hops.  The flavor mimics the aroma of roasted grains  tempered with American hops.  Pigtail finishes smooth and roasty and arrives at 6.8% abv.

Problem Child Session IPA

This IPA was the fifth beer we brewed and during the brew day our boiler pump stopped supplying water to the boiler.  Every three minutes we had to run back to the boiler to supply it with water so that the boiler could create the steam necessary for heating the wort.  We ended up with a lighter bodied IPA than we expected and hopped it with a little extra Simcoe to create a hop character that would match the light body of the beer.  This beer truly was our “Problem Child”!  As with most problem children that grow up and get rid of their problems, Problem Child has been successful and has become one of our best selling beers.  This IPA is 5.7% abv.


Our Winter Saison is brewed with bitter and sweet orange peel, pepper, lime leaves, Belgian candi sugar and local honey from our bee hives.  The aroma is decidedly Belgian and the flavor is a complex mix of Belgian yeast, honey and spices.  This Saison is well balanced, not over-attenuated and comes in at a warming 8.3 to 8.7% abv.

Suga’ Baby

One of our favorite seasonal beers is our wheat beer brewed with fresh pressed watermelon juice.  This is a light, refreshing beer perfect for a hot summer day. 4.9%abv.

Udderly Delicious

Udderly Delicious (named by our great employee Al) Milk Stout has a complex roasted grain base that is complemented by the non-fermentable milk sugar, lactose, that we add to the beer during the boil.   Full bodied, smooth and “udderly delicious” the abv is 4.9%.  We use this stout in one of our Naughty coffee drinks.


Cold Brewed Coffee Drinks

Naughty Coffee  drinks are made with Freddie and Udderly Delicious.

Extremely Naughty Coffee is made with Black Velvet  Imperial Stout and when it is available O.A.C., our Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout.



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