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Beer versus Wine Dinner 052317

Wednesday May 24th 6 pm to 9 pm

Beer versus Wine Dinner

We held our first beer and food pairing event on May 24th.  In the future we will hold more of these events including a beer and cheese pairing.  This event was a lot of fun as customers decided if the beer or the wine complements the delicious food best!

Veracious Brewing Company Beer versus Wine Throw Down Dinner


Each of the five courses were served with a beer and a wine that complement the dish.

Chef Michael Jackson described each course, wine educator Jon Haight  explained why the wine is the perfect pairing for the dish while Tess and Mark made the case for Veracious beer!

The customers voted on which beverage paired better with each course.

Welcome glass of wine and beer

Welcome Wine: Jones Winery Blueberry Bliss                                      Welcome Beer: Veracious Bloobs Blueberry Ale

Watermelon Salad  Tomato, feta, basil, basil oil, apple pickled fennel, radish, cucumber-lime thyme papare, red wine balsamic reduction.

Wine pairing: Chateau Ste. Michelle Sauvignon Blanc Horse Heaven Vineyard   Beer Pairing: Veracious 29 Pews IPA

Caribbean Spiced Shrimp Tropical Salad – grilled pineapple, cucumber, roasted red pepper, tomato, lime, cilantro Kiwi Avocado Mousse, Apple pickled Onion, Citrus Mango “Air“, Crispy Platanos

Wine pairing: Jones Winery Pinot Gris                                                            Beer Pairing: Veracious Bohemian Pilsner

Charcuterie “Sushi” A charcuterie platter served in a “sushi” presentation.

Wine Pairing: Jones Winery Cabernet Franc                                         Beer Pairing: Veracious Big Scotty Scotch Ale

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Filet Mignon Gorgonzola-lime-scallion, sweet potato,  roasted grapes, asparagus, arugula, herbs, spiced almonds 28 hour rosemary demi-glace

Wine Pairing: Jones Winery Merlot                                              Beer Pairing: Veracious Owd Boreus Imperial Red

Gelee Cheese Cake Pig Tail Porter gelee, Lucy’s last caramel- bacon

Wine Pairing: Jones Winery 7 Generations Port style wine                          Beer Pairing: Veracious Pigtail Porter

In the end beer won two courses, wine won two courses and one course was a tie.  We want to thank those who attended and we will have to hold this event again!  Below are some pictures from the event:


Wet Hop Ale 2015

On Thursday August 27th we brewed our Wet Hop Ale 2015 that we named WET.  The hops are grown five minutes from the brewery on two farms, one on Hattertown Road and the other on Stanley Road in Monroe.  The two varieties we used in WET were Zeus and Cascade.  The Zeus were huge as you can see in the picture.  The hops were harvested at the peak of perfection, then picked off the vines at the brewery.  Within one hour of being picked they were in the kettle.  It doesn’t get much fresher than that!  Of course we are tasting the wet hop ale every day as it matures.  Right now we close our eyes and it’s like sitting in the middle of a hop field and drinking a glass of fresh hops, fragrant, fresh, crisp and delicious.  We can’t imagine how wonderful this beer will be when it is finished fermenting!  We did not dry hop WET because we wanted the drinker to concentrate on the amazing aroma and flavor of the freshest hops you could get.  This is a one time a year beer and we hope as many beer lovers can try this wet hop ale as possible.  WET will make it’s debut at the Trumbull Fall Festival, a true harvest libation.  These hops complete a full circle of their life.  The hops were harvested and trucked to VERACIOUS, five minutes away.  We then brewed with them and the spent hops were taken back to the farm they were grown in for compost.  Full circle….

wet hop photo 1wet hop photo 3

wet hop photo 2wet hop photo 4


The Tasting Room Goose Neck Lamps

Our tasting room has 24 foot high ceilings but we wanted to create a more intimate atmosphere rather than an industrial look.  We were looking for gooseneck type lamps that we could install in the tasting room on the walls at the 11 foot mark hoping this would break up the room into the lower warmer portion and the upper portion that is less noticeable.  Our brewhouse had been in storage for 2 years and other storage items would come and go around them.  At one point there were some black gooseneck lamps that had been used at an outside parking lot.  When we inquired about these our landlord gave them to us.  We cut them down, rewired them for 110v instead of 270 volts, painted them and then installed them in the brewery tasting room.  It was a great re-use of material and provided us with the separation we wanted.


Using Church Pew Wood when Building the Tasting Room

When we were designing our tasting room  we were looking for interesting seating and found out that a local Methodist church was replacing their church pews with new ones and were selling their current church pews.  If we took all the church pews they were free of charge so over two days we removed forty-seven church pews from the church and stored them in our future brewery.  The seats of the pews that were on the floor of the church were covered with foam padding, glue and cloth.  Originally we planned on throwing the pew seats away and using the pew backs but our son-in-law, who is a builder, noticed that the pew seats were built out of red oak.  Each seat was built our of four fifteen-foot pieces of red oak screwed together to create a comfortable cradle for the parishioners.  We removed the material and padding, sanded down the wood and then tried various stains until we found the best color for the tasting room.  We used 29 of these pew seats to panel two of our walls in the tasting room and our year round IPA, “29 Pews”, is named after the church pews.

The back of each church pew was built from hard maple.  We used this wood to build the bar, the rail along one wall, the beams in the entrance way, the frame around our mirror and the communal tables in the tasting room.

IMG_1895  IMG_1899  IMG_1905IMG_1910   IMG_0244

29 Pews IPA

Our goal when designing our “29 Pews” IPA was to create an IPA that would have enough flavor for IPA lovers to drink yet be accessible to people who usually shy away from IPAs.  We used Citra as our main hop in this beer using it in most of the seven hop additions and adding other hops we like with the Citra for flavor, aroma and dry hopping.  By itself, Citra can be a little over the top for many people so by combining it with other hops we have calmed it down a bit but retained the tropical fruit characteristics that make Citra so great.  Most of the hops are late additions with only a small fraction being used for bittering hops and our goal was to have a beer with East Coast bittering and West Coast hop flavor and aroma that would be very drinkable.

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